I am Jeff Zettel.

Jeffraj was the nick name my mother gave me. It reminds me to be my highest self. I don’t always succeed at that, so I present to you my whole self. The whole self seems like the closest I can come to being my highest self, and that is what I have to give to you.

I am a novice.

I am a beginner.

I am here to learn all I can, and share that with you.

I am a computer nerd. That is how I made my living for many years.

I am a business man. That is how I make my living now.

I am a writer. I let my dark side come to life through Jack Wonka, a poet, and novelist.

I am a musician. Bass is my primary. Drums, Guitar, Saxophone, and Piano are sometimes played too. I also DJ as Jack Wonka.

I am a lover of travel, music, scotch, women, stories, people and the arts.

I am a speaker. I speak before students, professionals and interested parties. I always strive to give my audience something to take away.

I am a burner. Burning Man is my 2nd home, first is San Diego.

I am happiest, helping others live their dreams.

What I offer the world:

Life Coaching

Jack Wonka: Cheers to the Gods

Jack Wonka: Assorted Poems 2014